Beat them to the punch” with Personalized Hand Towels

If my marketing company was offered the $250,000 budget from Signature Towels to make a 30 second commercial, I would make sure that it was eye catching and memorable.

Picture this:

The commercial would start out with the “Signature Towels” logo in the bottom left hand corner.  It stays there throughout the entire commercial.  The viewers are listening to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor while we watch two strong and very good looking men finishing up a round in a boxing ring.  The setting is in a dark, cold arena.  The camera is zoomed in on both fighters as they stare each other down and dance around the ring.  Both fighters are really sweaty and tired.  The bell rings and the camera follows fighter #1 into the corner.  The music gets quiet.  The crowd is cheering and is rowdy.  The towel kid hands him an old towel.  He is about 10 years old and has a thinner build.  The fighter gives the kids a dirty look and reaches over to grab his personalized towel that clearly shows his name on it.  He wipes his face and neck dry and throws the dirty towel in the kid’s face saying “you’ve got a lot to learn, kid”.  Then the voice over says “Signature Towels – made for winners”. As this is being said we see that same fighter standing in the middle of the ring with his opponent and the referee and the referee has just raised his arm in the air declaring him the winner of the fight!


Fighter #1: Channing Tatum plays this character.  He is the calm, cool and collected fighter who knows that he’s got this.


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Fighter #2: Male model plays this character.  He is the energetic, fight like a tiger fighter who never gives up until its done.







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Referee:  This character is played by an older, grumpy man wearing a referee shirt.





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Towel kid: This character is played by “Rico” in Hannah Montana.  He is a shy boy who is intimidated easily.







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Setting: This boxing match is set in today’s era in a boxing arena.  It is a sold out fight.  The room is cold but filled with loud and rowdy people.  You can feel the electricity in the air!





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Written by: Haven Lamothe
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10 Responses to “Beat them to the punch” with Personalized Hand Towels

  1. koraleigh says:

    id buy one from u haven for sure…:)

  2. Wayne Lamothe says:

    Very nice story

  3. Donna Ward says:

    Well done, Haven. You are VERY creative!

  4. Debbie Roy says:

    Love it Haven! Perhaps you’re destined to be an advertising exec! lol As I read your blog, I could visualize the commercial – fantastic use of descriptive words! Well done!

  5. Lise Lanthier says:

    Best of luck to you Haven, sending positive vibes your way

  6. Stacey Devoy says:

    Very well thought out, Haven. Maybe you have a career in commercial development! Have lots of fun in a little over a week and enjoy every minute of it. Whether you know it or not this experience will be something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

  7. Tiffany Lepack says:

    Cool idea and good luck!

  8. Fay Tucker says:


  9. Vanessa says:

    Great blog, Haven! I can picture the commercial in my head as I read this. P.S. good choice in men 😉

  10. Gail Lamothe says:

    Great job Haven

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