62 days.  Sixty two days until I leave Lanark County to go to the big city of Toronto, Ontario to compete for the title of Miss Teen Canada – World 2013!  How exciting!  Everything is so real now!  Got all my fundraising to get me there, bought my dress, and got my train ticket to get to Toronto.  Now all that’s needed is to fund raise for Free The Children.  Free The Children is the Miss Teen Canada – World fundraiser.  There is a minimum amount to fund raise, and the girl that fund raises the most money gets a trip to Kenya to help free the children (From what I understand, lol!).  But each girl only gets six weeks to fund raise!  So I am stating on May 19!  It’s crazy to think that all that is left to do is the Free The Children charity work! I still am so happy and excited to be representing my province, Ontario, in Miss Teen Canada – World 2013.  To help boosts confidence in young women, and to support my platform Breast Cancer Awareness is truly important to me,  but the most important thing is to remember to have fun!  62 more days baby!

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5 Responses to Closer and closer each day!

  1. Sue Lamothe says:

    Way to go Haven! Your commitment is awesome!!!

  2. Debbie Roy says:

    Time flies when you’re having fun Haven, and you certainly have been! It’s amazing to think of all of the personal appearances you have made since January and the amount of work you have put into raising money to help with your expenses! You have been “on the go” non-stop….and I am so proud of what you have accomplished! Sixty-two days and counting! The excitement is really starting to build!

  3. kori says:

    way to go sweetie!!!u have accomplished so much already and at ur age wow!!! u r an all around beautiful smart fun loving young girl.u r someone who everyone luvs.i know u can do this GO GET’EM my wee angel.xoxoxoxox

  4. Vanessa says:

    Lets fundraise, baby! Free the Children is a great charity and I there to help you raise as much as we can for the children. I am very proud of your dedication to this charity and all of the hard work and public appearances that you have made to promote your title and the pageant. Love you so much!!!

  5. koraleigh says:

    way to go sweetie ur awsome

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