The only vacation that I have ever been on was to Walt Disney World in Florida.  Twice.   So, I choose my dream vacation with S-Trip! to be at a beach.  I would love to just lay on the beach all day soaking up the rays and having the beautiful view of the ocean and mountains just meters away.  Talk about breath taking!!!  I have done some research and have come to the conclusion that Bora Bora, France would be the best place to fulfill my dream.   An interesting fact that I learned about this island is that the ancient name for it is Pora Pora.  It  means “first born,”  and it came from legends describing this as the first island to rise.

I would love if some of my best pals would come with me.  It would be a blast to dance the night away with the girls and of course, who better than to drool over the good looking guys on the beach behind out sunglasses!  I can see us girls taking in a massage and doing some shopping on the island.  Swimming with the sharks and rays in the ocean would be amazing.  Hiking across the island is also on my must-do list (although I’m not sure if the girls would be up to this one. lol).  Tanning on the fabulous beach, a no-brainer and then a thorough tour of the entire island showing us everything exciting including the World War 2 canons!  It would be the experience of a life time if I had the opportunity to travel and vacation to Bora Bora with my friends.  Having my friends there with me would definitely complete the experience.  I can’t see myself thoroughly enjoying my time there without them.  They always make me feel comfortable and are guaranteed to make me laugh!

I think it is awesome that S-Trip! is sponsoring Miss Teen Canada World 2013.  Did you know that for over 35 years S-Trip! has been a leader in student travel providing life-changing trips to over 40,000 students annually in over 40 destinations around the world. S-Trip! travellers are encouraged to become global citizens; opening their eyes to new cultures, languages, and experiences. Recently named Profit Magazine’s 25th fastest growing company in Canada, and recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by Deloitte and CIBC, S-Trip! is a leader in student travel in North America. Find out more at


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13 Responses to My Dream Vacation with S-Trip!

  1. Lynne Johnson says:

    As another “first born” – though be it with a twin – I think your choice is an excellent one. Perhaps you can practice some French….

  2. Carole Whissell says:

    Looks like a dream that’s for sure. Beautiful!

  3. Barb Schizkoske says:

    Bora, Bora sounds like a great place to visit, Haven. I didn’t realize it’s original name was Pora Pora. Interesting!

  4. Jimmy says:

    Looks good Haven

  5. Debbie Roy says:

    Oh Haven…that would be a fantastic vacation! I’ve heard of Bora Bora but didn’t actually know where it was until I read your blog. Good luck in the pageant and in your future endeavours! What an exciting week you have to look forward to! Enjoy!

  6. Gilles Roy says:

    Great blog Haven! Hope you win a trip!!

  7. Wayne Lamothe says:

    Very nice story. It sure looks like a place to visit and enjoy some sun time.

  8. Vanessa says:

    Great blog, Haven! The pictures are very inviting …. you sure you don’t want to take your mommy with you if you win???? LOL

  9. Fay Tucker says:

    Makes me want to place Bora Bora on my bucket list!

  10. Rachael Durant says:

    I think this would be perfect for Haven Lamothe, to experience a great place to explore, learn history, have fun with her friends and most of all I think she chose the perfect spot. 🙂 Haven Lamothe is a very beautiful young, educated teen. I do believe Haven could be chosen Miss Teen Canada World 2013. She seems to be very educated, knows her history, loves to learn about historical sights, and most of all she is absolutely amazingly beautiful. I have never seen a beautiful teen like, Haven who has a beautiful smile, educated and is very bright looking. 🙂 I truly think Haven would fit perfectly for Miss teen Canada World 2013. 🙂

  11. Stacey Devoy says:

    Count me in on the trip to Bora Bora, Haven:)
    Sounds like a great place to go and we can tour Marans, France afterwards where our ancestors come from. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night before you leave for this unforgettable experience in Toronto. Take care and all my love,
    Aunt Stacey

  12. lise lanthier says:

    We all wish you the best of luck haven..go get them girl

  13. koraleigh says:

    thats so beautiful…and very well written luv to there and be there with u we would have a blast!!way to go!!!! go knock them dead today sweetie. go get’em

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