Wow, I’ve really tried hard to be blogging throughout the week about my adventure, but MAN OH MAN it is soooooo hard!  There is tons of early mornings and late nights!  But it is SOOOO worth it!!

On day 1 we all got united/reunited at a welcome party!  We there met some amazing sponsors and even got some amazing HiTech sneekers!!

On day 2 we all lounged around for about 6 hours!…. BUT it was amazing, we had our Miss Teen Canada World photoshoot, video shoot, and even our interviews! (Interviews were my fave!!)

On day 3 we got up REAL early (like 4am early!!) and were on Breakfast Television around 6am, we then went to High Park to have an AMAZING breakfast.  After that we headed to the CN Tower for some super cool views!! Then we went on a hunt/shopping adventure in the Distillery District and ate lunch at an amazing local cafe!  We then went shopping at Costa Blanca who sponsored every girl $50 to spend at their store!(I got 3 awesome tops!)  After that we headed back to the hotel and practiced our pageant walks briefly.

On day 4 we woke up quite early again!  We went back to High Park for breakfast again.  After that we went to do some yoga at UnionFit, unfortunately because of my hip I was unable to partake in it! 🙁  We then got back to the hotel to do some MAJOR foot torture…. woops I mean choreography ;)…. then once we could, we took off our crazy heels and got dressed and ready to head to the Eaton Centre to shop at Garage, who also gave all the girls a $50 gift card!!

We all JUST got back from the hotel and I think its time to sleep….. I need to be up early tomorrow….. THERE’S MORE TO COME LADIES AND GENTS!!

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