As you all know, nationals is soon approaching   And as exciting as that is, pageants aren’t all just based on looks.  A good portion of how we are judged are on our platforms.  And my platform is so absolutely important to me!!! My platform is Breast Cancer Awareness.  This cause is so very important to me because, not too long ago, my aunt Donna Ward was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My aunt Donna was a grade 1 teacher and telling her students that she to leave to beat breast cancer was such a hard thing to do being that she loves them all to bits! So on my aunt’s last day at the school, everyone wore pink and threw a little goodbye party, even though there were lots of tears, I know that they will all remember the great memories that she brought to the school.  My aunt is so very close me, and when I heard this news, I was devastated.  After a few painful chemo treatments it was official,  my aunt Donna had beat Breast Cancer’s butt!!! Today, me and aunt together try to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer so no one ever has to go through what she went through, and what our families went through!

My aunt Donna Ward and student saying goodbye on my aunt’s last day.

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  1. Debbie Roy says:

    I heard that your Aunt Donna is taking you when she goes for her next treatment. This will be a great experience for you Haven! The nurses in the cancer clinic are awesome and they will be more than willing to answer all of your questions. I know that you’re very proud of your Aunt Donna for her courage and inner strength. I also know that your Aunt Donna is extremely proud of YOU!

  2. kori says:

    i am so very proud of u haven for all ur hard work,all ur volunteering,and good grades,and being an awsome big sister and friend.u r what other girls look up to and love about u.u r not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well.u r always there for ur friends and family and u r a silly funny girl too.i luv u so much and i look up to u as u have been working really hard on going to the pageant as well as u work hard all the time for others as well.i think some teenagers and adults need to take a look at you and use u as an example as being a fun luving silly and hard working person can be everyone.u keep the good work haven and remember we all luv u for many reasons inwhich u deserve xoxoxoxox

  3. Vanessa Lamothe says:

    Very nice, Haven. Such a touching story and I know your Aunt Donna would be so proud of you!

  4. Vanessa Lamothe says:

    Very nice story, Haven. I know your Aunt Donna is very proud of you and all of your hard work to help promote breast cancer awareness!!!

  5. Jenny says:

    Your desire to bring awareness to breast cancer is very inspiring!

  6. Jory Rossiter says:

    I’ve been following your progress and am SO proud of you! Wishing you the best Puppy! Sincerely, Jory Rossiter

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