Good evening everyone!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week, I know I am! This week has been filled with fun outings, creative rehearsals and meeting new friends!  For my third blog assignment, I am to write about today’s  amazing experience at the new Richtree Taco Truck!  Although I was notRichtree Markets able to sample the food because of my celiac disease, I was grateful at how understanding and accommodating the staff was as they provided me with a delicious salad at another restaurant in the Richtree Markets!  The Ordering foodTaco Truck was a cute vintage van located in the Eaton Centre close to the entrance on the main floor offering easy accessibility for the public. When I arrived at the Eaton Centre with all the pageant contestants, we all felt like royalty because of all the attention we attracted.  The Eaton Centre is a huge mall in downtown Toronto, and shoppers were stopping to take pictures and videos of us walking with our sashes and tiaras on.  My day 5 with Miss Teenage Canada was amazing and Canada DryI’d like to say “thank you” to MTC for another fantastic day and the staff at the Richtree Market Restaurants for providing all of us girls with delicious meals along with cute glass bottles of pop!

Wishing you all a good nights sleep and don’t forget to vote for me for the People’s Choice Award!  Winning this award will not only be amazing, but it will also fast track me into the top 20!

Well tomorrow are the preliminaries, so wish me luck!

Website: www.richtree

Goodnight and thank you again for supporting me along this amazing journey!

Delaney xoxo


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