A few weeks ago, I found THE dress! So i placed the order and I was told it could take up to twelve weeks!!! That’s June!  I was getting really nervous, but yesterday the dress shop called me…… THE DRESS CAME IN!! I’m just on my way to try it all, with all the alterations and in the right size! I’m so excited!! Miss Teen Canada – World is all starting to feel so real!!

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5 Responses to THE Dress!!!!

  1. Debbie Roy says:

    Oh Haven, I can’t wait to see your new pageant gown! xxoo

    • kori says:

      i cant wait to see ur dress either. u r a very hard working young lady and u deserve to do ur dreams and follow through on all of them xoxoox

  2. Vanessa Lamothe says:

    YAY!!!!! The perfect dress! So glad it was so easy for you to make the decision. Once on, you know when you have the right gown on, eh? Congrats, sweety!

  3. Jenny says:

    One step closer!

  4. Erin Hawkins says:

    OMG! I can’t believe this small town girl is gonna do it!!! so exciting for you and all of us following you…oh, and the dress….true princess moment!! love it

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